What is the Biomass Cluster?

A biomass cluster is a cost-effective, efficient, self-sustaining local energy solution for rural communities.

A biomass cluster consists of the following four (4) elements:

  1. A woody biomass source.
  2. A biomass manufacturer (wood pellet or chips producer).
  3. A market to use biomass.
  4. All elements must be located in close proximity.

What does a Biomass cluster do?

A biomass cluster can:

  1. Increase the health of the community landscape.
  2. create long-term jobs; and
  3. secure a strong resilient economy.


The benefits of biomass clusters include:

  1. reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  2. sustainable local employment
  3. reduced food costs
  4. improved energy efficiency
  5. economic opportunity (potential pellet exports and mining ventures)
  6. Indigenous partnerships (employment, new business, reconciliation)