Why save
Thunder Bay Generating Station?
  • Thunder Bay is open for business; the biomass plant will meet the current and future energy needs.
  • It is an Ontario asset (already built).
  • When mining industry projects come to fruition, they will need a stable local energy supply; Thunder Bay GS will be able to support future energy demands.
  • Advanced biomass pellets can be made by local business in the north. The north is blessed with natural resources and vast amounts of renewable biomass; this will grow the forestry sector.
  • Ontario can meet and be a strong supplier for the biomass market segment in North America; we are the most advanced in biomass technology in North America.
  • First Nations and Metis are strong players in the forestry sector; there is an opportunity for job creation in harvesting and transplant, and potentially production (processing). The best way to help communities is through job creation.
  • Thunder Bay GS can produce heat (at minimum load, there is excess steam and heat to be utilized); the heat produced can be used to help make wood pellets, grow vegetables in greenhouses, and heat buildings